Sandy & The Secrets is a professional five-piece band with over 100 years’ combined experience.

As you’d expect, our high quality, professional musicianship is achieved through regular rehearsals and the guiding ear of our Musical Director.

Unlike most other sixties bands, we appeal across the generations thanks to the group’s broad age-range which spans more than 40 years.

We’ve created these profiles to give you an insight into each band member and explain why the ‘60s is our decade.


Fronting the band is lead singer Kathy but you can call her Sandy.  With over a decade’s experience of professional performances at events, in musical theatre tours and on cruise ships, your celebration is in the safest of hands.  Kathy’s bubbly personality and her irresistible energy is sure to raise the roof.

What’s most exciting about being in Sandy and The Secrets?

“The level of musicianship is phenomenal. We’re five musicians working together to honour the music and create a balanced, genuine and authentic sound.”


On the bass guitar, player-manager Martin provides the rhythm and groove.  With over 40 years’ playing and performing experience, he’s been involved in a number of different bands and supported the likes of Shakin’ Stevens.  He’s also your liaison point and knows the importance of getting every last detail right.

Why the ‘60s?

“Just fab songs!  Such a mix of fantastic tunes, you can’t stop your feet tapping – unlike this modern stuff.”


Hayden is our rhythm guitarist with music in his soul. A local working class lad from Macclesfield with a real love of the 60s. When the music starts, Hayden won’t stop moving which usually inspires even the most reluctant people to get on their feet.

What do you love most about music?”

“It’s got to be performing.  Watching the audience gives me an injection of energy that I give back through the music.”


Lead guitarist Joe was tempted away from big band into rock and roll thanks to a love of sixties tunes inherited from his Dad, Martin. (Yes, bass player Martin.)  Despite leading on the melodies, Joe knows that being true to the decade is more important than stealing the show. Which also makes him the perfect backing vocalist on many of the tracks.

Why the sixties?

“It was such an interesting decade.  I love to recreate the songs while remaining faithful to the sounds of the sixties.”


The beating heart of the band, Tom sets the pace on drums.  Inspired by some of jazz music’s greatest drummers, Tom took up the instrument and has never looked back.  He enjoys bringing something extra to each performance by adding unexpected twists without deviating too far from the original.

What’s most exciting about Sandy and The Secrets?

“I love how we’re so true to the music. We entertain our audiences without letting our egos run wild.”


Not one for the limelight, our professional sound engineer Steve will be tucked away at the back of your venue.  He’s happy to work on his own or in collaboration with a wider in-house team to balance the levels for each instrument, microphone and speaker.